Wedding Favors

For your wedding you don’t want it to be memorable just for you but for your guest as well.  A good keepsake is always a nice way to thank your guest for having attended your wedding.  A wedding favor is cost effective if you decided to make it yourself, but time consuming.  There are many ideas that you can look up on YouTube.  If you decide to not make them yourself, start ordering now.  Read the full post »


Hire a Chauffer

This is a day you will remember forever and you should be treated like royalty; therefore you should be driven around like royalty and what better way than to be driven around than on a limousine.  Decide what color limo you would like to be in, usually since wedding are very formal the colors to choose from are black or white.  When shopping around for a limo service, think about how many other people will be sitting in the limo with you.  Read the full post »

Plan for Paradise

Now that you have done a lot of the hard work, it’s time to start planning your honey moon.  Just think, in a few months you and your future husband will be relaxing in Jamaica by the beach with a margarita or cold beer.  If warm weather is not your thing, consider an Alaskan cruise.   A good place to begin when planning a honey moon is by going to a local travel agency.  They can assist you with any travel plans.  If you decide not to go with a travel agency, look around online for best deals ahead of time.  If you plan on traveling out of the county you will most likely need your passport, so now would be a good time to get it.  Read the full post »

Purchasing your Wedding Invitations

Now has come the time when you know everything will be official.  You now need to order invitations.  When you are shopping for this, keep in mind that there are so many options.  You can buy then at your local stationary store and write them out yourself.  You can also print them out on your own, but keep in mind that it is usually done on thick paper, so you might run into problems such as your printer getting jammed.  If you really want to save time you can order them. Read the full post »

Flower Picking

You won’t be literally picking flowers from a field, but you will be picking the type and color of flower you desire for your wedding.  If you live near a farmers market, it’s a good idea to go and talk to the local florist there and find out they carry the flowers you desire to have for your wedding.  The good thing about doing this is that you can usually get the flowers at a whole sale price rather than cost per flower or a dozen.  If you decide to have flowers that are in season for your wedding they will usually cost you less.  If not you will have to pay extra to get them imported from another state, and at times from another country.  Read the full post »

Hire the Caterer

You might have not have the venue in mind nor have found the venue of your dreams, but do consider hiring a caterer if the location of your venue does not provide one.  Many of the times, if the venue location does provide one, they don’t allow any caterers from the outside.  In the case of having to go out and look for a catering company, it is necessary that they have the experience in serving weddings. Look around first; there are many websites that can help you with this.  Read the full post »

Hire a DJ

The party begins when the DJ begins to play.  When hiring a DJ it is best to ask close friends and family members if they know of one.  It should be the same as with a photographer for you to be able to interview the DJ.  Every event is different so you have to tell the DJ what you expect from him.  The first thing you want to do is set up an appointment.  Many of the times they will ask that you go in to see them in a studio so they can play a sample of music for you.  This is a good thing to do also because you can look at their music selection once you are there.  During your wedding, if you decide to show your guest a slide show, it is best to ask the DJ he has the proper equipment for this.  Read the full post »

Hire a Photographer

The hiring of a photographer is very important because they’re the ones that capture all the moments that might be like a blur to you.  Once you look at the photographs, you will then be taken back to that moment and relive your wedding.  Although it might seem easy to just hire a close relative of yours, keep in mind that this will be a memorable day and you want to make sure you get the best quality pictures that will last forever.  When looking around for a photographer it’s best to make sure that they are very professional.  Appearances will be very important this day so it is important that the photographer is properly dressed for your special day.  Feel free to ask questions such as what type of pictures do they normally take?  Do they have a website?  Can you look at some of his recent work and or portfolio?  Read the full post »

Your Wedding Gown

The best part of a wedding is looking the most beautiful bride on this day.  Playing the role of the bride consist of you being dressed in a wedding gown; something you dreamed about since you were a little girl.  Finding the right fit to a wedding dress is not always easy.  If you watch popular shows such as TLC’s Say Yes to the Dress, you might already know that sometimes it can be very disappointing or simply you might not end up buying the dress you envisioned yourself wearing on your wedding day.  The best thing to do is to make sure you get a head start by shopping early.  There are low chances that if you go into a bridal store they will have it ready for you within two to three months; they usually take up to six to eight months.  And if your talking Vera Wang, well than can take up to a year. Read the full post »

The Gift Registry

Many consider the shopping part of the wedding so much fun…well, getting registered first.  You will find that as soon as you make your wedding announcement you will be getting questions left to right about what you will need at home for after the wedding.  You will also find that you will receive gifts during your engagement party.  Now days it is very easy and fun to do the wedding gift registry with just a click.  All of the registry can be done from your home or office for most department storesRead the full post »