$ Your Wedding Budget $

Weddings can be expensive, unless you’re Kim Kardashian or Petra Ecclestone then there really isn’t a limit on the mullah that you spend on your wedding.  When planning a wedding the smart thing to do is to make a budget, the catch is staying within that budget.  Traditionally, it was the bride’s parent’s that got stuck all the expenses for the wedding. Now days this tradition is slowly diminishing because couples are paying for their own wedding themselves.  The great news is that since you have been reading and following the tips on my blog you will be able to save a lot of money, and you don’t have to hire a wedding planner.

The first step in really saving money for your wedding begins with the date you decide to pick for your wedding.  Late spring and summer is the peak time for weddings and prices on banquets, flowers, limo, and all the other necessities for your wedding are the most expensive.  If you really want to keep your budget to its minimum, consider having your wedding in the fall time or in the winter time.

To help you stay within your budget is to take into consideration is who you plan to invite.  Having a large guest list means that you will have to will have to rent out a larger banquet as well, which can be the most expensive for your wedding because they usually charge per guest that will be attending your wedding.  Make sure you invite those that are closest to you rather than inviting people that really there for the free dinner.  The smaller the wedding the more intimate as well.  During wedding receptions it is customary that the bride and groom walk around and visit their guests, if you invite too many guests this could take up a lot of your time.

Making your own invitations is a fun and can be very cost effective; it is required that you have a printer.  You can buy your own blank wedding invitations at your local stationary store such as Hallmark, Michaels, Paper Source, Office Depot and FedEx Kinkos.  Usually when you buy your own invitation cards they will come with a website where the template is already set, all you will need to do is enter information such as your wedding date, event location, and your contact information.   Make sure that when you purchase your invitations you get the set that comes with your save-the-date, wedding invitations cards, ready to mail in RSVP cards, and post wedding you cards.

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